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We’ve been expecting you.

Your business is growing, and you’re swamped! The way you’re working isn’t working anymore. Your dealing with:

  • Nonstop messy new hire on boarding and benefit enrollments.
  • Conflicting out of date employee files and information.
  • Maning multiple “systems” for payroll, time, scheduling, benefits…
  • Inconsistent workflows and processes that lead to errors.
  • A lazy benefit brokers that brings you a renewal increase even year.

You need something that puts everything in one place so nobody misses anything.  Something to help track employee data, payroll, time, schedules, HR processes and more so you can handle more important tasks. A consultant that is focused on decreasing your health insurance cost without changing your plan design. It’s time for Workforce.

Here’s our systems work

Workforce organizes your payroll, time, HR and benefits into one unified system so you have a central source of truth.
Instead of having employee data like benefits, licenses, training courses, tax, payroll, time cards, schedules scattered
all over the place in multiple systems, stored in multiple file cabinets, lost in boxes, or scrawled on stickies or notepads —
Workforce brings everything under one roof. Organized, centralized, and clear so everyone knows what to do, everyone
knows where things stand, and everyone can get what they need without having to ask around all the time.

Here’s our consulting works

We are benefit consultants that are strictly focused on decreasing health insurance cost — without having to change your current plan design or shift cost to employees.
Some brokers promote their have huge carrier premium volumes, many in-house resources and global expertise. We deliver a different
message focused on long-term cost containment, transparency and breaking free of the 12 month “quote and hope for results” cycle.
Find out how we can decrease your health care spend!

Just a few items you may need

A trusted partner to the best

We are trusted by the industries best and most trusted employee benefit insurance companies.

Clients love our robust HCM platform and service

All your HR applications and employee benefits in one place, managed by one team, all working together.

Are you looking for the next generation benefit broker
or an all inclusive payroll / time & labor / HR  software solution?