Employee Time Tracking & Scheduling - A unified HCM platform

Complete time & attendance solutions —
built into your payroll and HR system.

Integrating and automating these processes can providing real-time
insight into labor data to help control costs and reduce compliance risk.

OK, so what are some of the features?

Time Collection

Designed for today’s cloud computing environment with options like web, mobile, touch-screen, biometric, barcode, keypad, proximity badges, IVR and more.


Matching up availability, skills, and business demand to create an efficient, effective schedule that helps maintain compliance while minimizing spend.

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Leave Management

Easily enforce absence-related policies, including federal, state, and organization regulations. We makes it simple to confirm each employee’s eligibility for paid and unpaid leave based on vacation, sick time, and other user-defined criteria.

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Exception Tracking

Automatically flag exceptions such as missed punches, early/late arrivals, and extended or skipped breaks that violate your policies and alerts managers.

Pay Rules

Establish user-defined pay rules and simplified timecard management that help improve payroll accuracy and reduce compliance risk.


Capture accurate employee attestation responses in real time at the time clock terminal or web entry.

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Let’s Do This!

”Managing time, labor, absence and scheduling doesn’t have to be hard. Let us show you that there is an easier way, with an all-in-one system.“

Here are a few of the details:

Meeting all your time and attendance requirements in one system.


Functionality = Limited = Full

Employee Self-ServiceAllow users to manage various aspects of their accounts such as timesheets & employee data
Permanent Detailed Audit TrailOngoing changes are tracked for greater accountability
Timesheet Approval WorkflowUp to five approval levels with as many approvers on each level as needed
Company DashboardRole-based views provide insight into key workforce data with the ability to respond
Time-Off Request ToolAutomate processes associated with employees’ time off
Import/Export UtilityWide range of third-party data integrations supported
Job CostingTrack time across multiple locations, departments, projects, and tasks
AccrualsAccurately track and manage multiple types of accruals while adhering to company policies
IP Address/Punch RestrictionSet up approved punch-in centers and times
Multiple Pay PeriodsConduct weekly, biweekly, and/or monthly periods
Company HolidaysConvenient “set it once and forget about it” functionality
Application & User PermissionsFlexible security settings to control access to information
Flexible Pay Rules and RatesRules-based system covers a majority of scenarios
Pay CategoriesSet up multiple categories according to your needs
Itemized Expense TrackingTrack and manage business expenses for each employee
Multiple Time ZonesSupport employees across different time zones
Mass Edit CapabilitiesMake updates to multiple users’ accounts at once
Points Tracking SystemIdentify positive and/or negative attendance trends
Backup ManagersAssign temporary managers to supervise attendance
Notifications ModuleConfigure custom email notifications to be sent in response to different events (alerts, reminders)
Exception TrackingColor-coded report tracks lateness and other infractions
Variety of Reports1550Configure custom report views using advanced filtering; export options include CSV, Excel, PDF, HTML, and XML
Daily Email SummaryEmail of the current or previous day’s attendance report
Custom AnalyticsEasily add extra columns for custom calculations
Save Report SettingsSave and share popular report settings across the team
Specialized ReportsSet up company-specific logo, colors, and report headings
Customizable Look and FeelInteractive views of different data
Ethernet ClocksReal-time punch collection devices
Modem ClocksSet the system to update based on a frequency
Mag Stripe, Proximity, and Bar Code CardsAccommodate a variety of workplace environments
Biometric ScannersFor added security that also prevents buddy punching
Access ControlRestrict and monitor access to specific areas
Remote ManagementConfigure and manage devices while traveling

Functionality = Limited = Full

RSA Login AuthenticationProvide added security with two-factor authentication
Premium DashboardPowerful and dynamic views into key workforce performance trends across the entire organization
Communication APISeamless communication with third-party systems
ACA ManagerProactively manage ACA compliance across your company while obtaining the necessary reports
Background ChecksA wide variety of background screening packages to help ensure a safe and productive workplace
E-VerifyVerify your employees’ legal right to work in the United States
Compensation ReportsGain access to accurate, detailed salary data from PayScale
Emailing of ReportsAutomatically schedule emails of preconfigured reports to be sent to the team members on the go

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is available for questions and setup?

We manage 100% of the setup and initial onbaording. Our office is open 8am – 5pm CST Monday – Friday and staffed with PHR® designated employees to help you with any questions you have along the way.

Where can I watch a demo?

We have a full suite demo of our solution that can be found here.

I’m looking for a DCAA compliant time keeping solution?

Our DCAA & DOL compliant time keeping compliance solution ensures when businesses win government contracts you have the time keeping devices and software in place to be compliant with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) or Department of Labor (DOL) regulations.

Is there a minimum employer size

No! But we do find that clients that have over 50 employees tend to see the most ROI.

Do I need any special equipment?

Not at all. Since all the software is web based, you can manage everything from an internet browser. We have web and mobile enabled time clocks, so adding hardware is totally up to you.

Is there a bulk-buy discount?

We have corporate and enterprise arrangements that our pricing team can assist with on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for info.