Human Resource Compliance Cloud - A unified HCM platform

Human Resource Compliance Suite

A cloud-based platform of integrated HR resources and training supported by live HR experts. Resolve urgent workforce issues, mitigate risks & ensure HR compliance.

Core Components

HR Live!

Access a team of experienced Human Resource advisors that can point you in the right direction, offer a second opinion, or coach you on critical workforce issues. Accessible 8am-7pm CST each business day and staffed by senior level experienced HR professionals with PHR® and SPHR® designations.

Learning Management

Training tools that develop employees and ensure compliance. Our LMS delivers 250+ courses that matter most to organizations; such as sexual harassment and discrimination, OSHA 10, workplace safety, hazard communications, project management and career development.

Compliance Documents

The Payworx HR Compliance Cloud is an up-to-date and accurate compliance resources with resources like a job description builder, performance review tool, employee handbook builder, HR audit checklist, state & federal HR compliance news. All this plus full access to other whitepapers and a vast webinar library.

HR Compliance Cloud sub-sections:

Leave Management

This gives a brief overview of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and an introduction to addressing the many types of employee leaves. Seek answers here on questions about jury duty leave, military leave, holiday leave, other types of leave, and requirements for providing employees time off.

Employee Benefits

This section is here for answers to questions on retirement and pension benefits, workers’ compensation, and other employee benefits.

Wages and Hours

Search for information relating to business requirements and laws covering compensation, employing minors, independent contractors versus employees, taxes, and anything having to do with paying workers.

Forms and Policies

Access our library of more than 300 workplace forms and policies. The language you need so your employees understand your workplace policies is categorized under six understandable headers (such as time off, hiring, employee benefits), and each policy is available for you to save as PDF and use directly, or model your policies after our sample language to create your own.


Information relating to recruiting, hiring, background checks, new hire reporting, employee handbooks, and more. This section contains information on items relating to hiring and retaining the best staff for your business.

Employer Resources

Here you will find HR hot topics, quick HR guides, and other specialized tools. Things like the Employee Handbook Builder, Job Description Builder, employee classification tools, webinars, white papers, and more.

Federal & State Legal Alerts

Access the current and archived law alerts that come straight to your inbox. View by state, or by this week, thirty days, or six months.

Health Care Reform

The Health Care Reform section provides a basic overview of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act with focus on the ACA provisions that affect employers and employer-sponsored health plans.


The discrimination section offers a brief description of why understanding discrimination, and helping to prevent it within your organization, is important in your everyday business activities. Search here for state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination, exemptions to those laws, your requirements under those laws, and best practices. The topic covers both compliance and training requirements for businesses.

Managing Employees

Technology in the workplace, performance evaluations, termination, alternative work arrangements and much more. This section covers everything regarding best practices and legal compliance for managing relationships with current employees.

Safety and Health

Workplace responsibilities regarding safety, workplace smoking, drug and alcohol testing, violence in the workplace, and more are all apart of the safety and health section.

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