The Benefits of Applicant Tracking - A unified HCM platform

The Benefits of Applicant Tracking

Effectively source, track, and evaluate talent in a candidate-driven market

The right applicant tracking software to
help build your workforce

In addition to a searchable career site, job board integration allows for easy submission to free and premium job sites.

Simplify job requisitions and candidate sourcing

Attract top talent by delivering a positive applicant experience. Make it easy for applicants to search for jobs, upload resumes, and apply online with configurable job applications. Applications can be auto-populated from a candidate’s LinkedIn account. Parsing tools can pull information from the candidate’s resume— such as contact information, skillsets, work history, and education.

Make better hiring decisions with smart, efficient tools.

Define, track, and manage stages or steps in the recruiting process. Gain visibility into all applicants on a single screen — with the ability to filter by location, job skill, or other criteria.

Looking for value in an integrated applicant tracking
engine that simplifies your entire HR process?