Compensation Management - A unified HCM platform

Automate and streamline your entire compensation management process.

Simplify the compensation management process — from defining programs and guidelines through budgeting and modeling to routing proposals for approval.

Improved Visibility and Governance

Reduced administrative burdens. Improved corporate governance. More equitable distribution of rewards. And greater control over your compensation spend.

Set up compensation cycles in a snap

Set up compensation cycles with remarkable speed and ease. Simply define the program type, enter the start and end dates, assign a cycle manager, and specify the employee type to be included, such as hourly, salaried, seasonal, or executive. The application supports annual, nonannual, cycle-based, and off-cycle merit- and promotion-based salary increases.

Perfect components for a modern company.

Streamlines routine tasks such as benefits and attendance using virtually no paper. Workflows help you easily manage tasks while automating your business processes which drives more consistent policy enforcement.

Looking for value in a compensation management system
that simplifies your entire payroll process?