COBRA: Health Care Administration - A unified HCM platform

A COBRA Management Solution

Simplify COBRA insurance administration with Payworx. With its complex compliance and administration laws, it can be challenging to know if
you’re handling COBRA insurance correctly.

Total COBRA Automation

Payworx automatically handles your COBRA notifications and
administration for you, so you don’t have to.

COBRA Compliance is a must.

When your COBRA compliance program isn’t managed properly, you are exposed to possible IRS excise tax issues, ERISA penalties and litigation. COBRA errors have severe consequences, some of which could put a well-intentioned employer out of business. Continuing legislative changes are making COBRA harder to administer, not easier. With the right technology, you can spend your precious time managing your workforce, not administering COBRA.

IssueOur Solution
Time framesWe track 29 possible time frames per beneficiary
Notice requirementsOur notices exceed DOL model notice requirements
Changing regulationsWe monitor legislation on a daily basis
DocumentationWe retain documentation eight years
TimePayworx relieves you of this time-consuming duty

What you need to know about COBRA coverage

COBRA requires that employers with 20+ employees offer continued health care coverage for those who have lost it. Employers need to know:

  • If they’re subject to federal/state COBRA laws
  • Who is eligible for COBRA insurance
  • What triggers COBRA insurance
  • COBRA compliance requirements

Compliance notifications, automated

The Deparment of Labor requires that employers send COBRA notifications at very specific time intervals. Employers must:

  • Notify covered employees and spouses of their initial rights
  • Notify employees about their rights to COBRA insurance
  • Notify plan administrators after a qualifying event occurs

We handles all necessary COBRA notifications and admin online.

Some details on our complete, end-to-end
solutions, to COBRA notifications and premium collection.

Looking for value in an integrated COBRA solution
that simplifies your entire benefit process?