Automated Accrual Tracking - A unified HCM platform

Automate accrual tracking for improved efficiency and consistency

Paid time off (PTO) is an important benefit for attracting and retaining top talent, but tracking time-off accruals manually can be a tedious and error-prone process.

Get the right tools to help
streamline accrual tracking

Track accruals based on user-defined criteria such as hours worked, seniority, grade level, attendance, performance, and/or wellness points.

Improve efficiency with streamlined processes

Employees can check their accrual balances to make sure they have earned time off available before making a request. When managers receive an employee time-off request, they can instantly view accrual balances and respond to the request accordingly. Notifications automatically alert managers when employees exceed established accrual thresholds.

Support decision-making and compliance with robust reporting

The comprehensive Accrual Balances report shows the amount of time earned, taken, scheduled, and remaining for each employee within all applicable PTO categories. Managers can make fast, informed decisions that effectively balance employee requests with coverage requirements.

Looking for value in an integrated system to track accruals,
that simplifies your entire payroll process?