Employee Leave Management - A unified HCM platform

Automated Leave Administration
and Tracking

Paid and unpaid federal, state, and employer-specific leave policies and can be configured to match the needs of your organization.

Leave Tracking & Visibility

By removing manual tasks, workforce ensures accurate data and full
visibility when tracking and managing employee leave.

Increase visibility and productivity while minimizing compliance risk.

Employee absence can have an enormous impact on your organization, affecting costs, productivity and even morale. Inconsistent absence and leave policy enforcement, tracking, and eligibility can put your organization at risk for litigation and noncompliance with local, state, federal, and organizational workforce policies and regulations.

Control every step of the process.

The leave management component is part of the fully integrated, cloud-based software suite. It adds comprehensive leave of absence management capabilities to the time keeping, HR and payroll modules.

Looking for value in an integrated leave tracking system
that simplifies your entire payroll process?