It’s no secret that most employees are not aware of the financial investment that their company makes beyond their direct paycheck. Total Compensation Statements are the most reliable and cost-effective way for organizations to communicate the value of their compensation and benefits. Plus, it’s a way to engage with employees and publicize any special benefits or extreme perks that can help differentiate the employer brand.

With Workforce, the decision to offer Total Compensation Statements is easy:

  • We already store all of your enrollment data, and can accept additional data from your payroll system, such as tuition reimbursement, 401(k), car allowances, and more — in your format, not ours!
  • Our Total Compensation Statements are highly configurable. For instance, we have an unlimited number of fields available for you to decide how compensation categories are named, organized and displayed.
  • Employees can securely access their personalized Total Compensation Statement online or print a copy at their convenience. We can also help you mail hard copies of the statements, if that is preferred.

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