Keeping your data secure: our top priority. - A unified HCM platform
[minti_headline size=”fontsize-xxxl” color=”#ffffff” weight=”fontweight-300″ lineheight=”lh-14″ align=”align-left”]Bank Level Security:
to keep your data safe[/minti_headline]

Your data is encrypted—from login to logout—using the 256-bit SSL encryption…
highest encryption standards available (the same technology that banks use to
keep your account information safe).

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Infrastructure is hosted at Sungard, a Tier-1 hosting provider, in U.S. facilities with multi-layer protection and ISO-9001 certification.


[minti_iconbox icon=”fa-key” style=”7″ title=”Bank Level Encryption”]

Web content is delivered via 128-bit symmetric key with 2048-bit asymmetric key & EDI files are delivered via SFTP with 256-bit AES encryption.


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All data is backed up in near real-time to an offsite location in the U.S. to ensure that your data is preserved, even in the event of a disaster.


[minti_iconbox icon=”fa-bank” style=”7″ title=”Password Protected”]

Sensitive employee data such as user passwords are encrypted and protected through hash and salt iteration.


[minti_headline font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xxxxl” color=”#67ae73″ lineheight=”lh-12″ transform=”transform-uppercase” align=”align-left”]Data Security:
our top priority[/minti_headline]
[minti_iconbox icon=”sl-badge” style=”2″ iconcolor=”greyscale” title=”Intrusion Monitoring”]24/7 threat monitoring solutions to detect any intrusion attempt at any time.[/minti_iconbox][minti_iconbox icon=”sl-layers” style=”2″ iconcolor=”greyscale” title=”Vulnerability Testing”]Our systems undergo rigorous annual vulnerability testing by independent 3rd party security firms to identify potential risks.[/minti_iconbox][minti_iconbox icon=”sl-shield” style=”2″ iconcolor=”greyscale” title=”SSAE-16 Audit Type II SOC I”]The platform undergoes an annual SSAE-16 Audit Type II SOC I by an independent 3rd party auditor.[/minti_iconbox]
[minti_headline type=”div” font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xl” align=”align-left”]Let’s Get Started Today![/minti_headline]

Our responsive and very experienced staff knows what it takes to get tasks completed. If there is an issue, clients can view the status of the issue through our proprietary support system and even rate how the issue was resolved. This processes keeps everything very transparent and you stay up-to-date on our progress. Call or email our team any time.

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