A unified payroll, hr, time and attendance platform.

A unified payroll, HR, time and attendance platform powered by local experts.

Technology trusted by 30,000+ organizations,
used by 40 million people.

Integrated payroll & tax engine that
simplifies your entire payroll process.

Time Tracking
Streamline time entry and recordkeeping
for hourly employees.

Schedule Management
Integrated payroll & tax engine that
simplifies your entire payroll process.

Core HR
Streamline HR tasks with seamless
employee onboarding and benefit management.

All this plus our dedicated support team makes support hassle-free and efficient.

Our solutions help you manage your entire
workforce — from pre-hire to retire.

Talent Acquisition

Build an engaged, high-performance workforce by leveraging a powerful applicant tracking system.

Human Resource Management

Helps HR staff hire, manage, and retain a quality workforce more easily so they can take a larger role in supporting your organization’s strategic objectives.

Performance Management

Develop top talent and streamline performance management with key performance indicators and more with Workforce Ready Performance Management.

Compensation Management

Automate and streamline the entire compensation management process for improved visibility and governance.

Time Keeping

Automated, accurate time and attendance management system that helps boost employee productivity and engagement while giving real-time insight into labor data.


Support consistent policy enforcement and streamline manual processes for improved efficiency and consistency with automated accrual tracking.


Integrates with Time Keeping and your existing data collection source to capture accurate employee attestation responses in real time.

ACA Manager

Integrated, automated workforce management tool that provides high-quality information to drive better labor decisions and minimize ACA compliance risk.

Leave Manager

Helps you control and mitigate employee absence with tools to help ensure consistent absence and leave policy enforcement.


Provides automated tools and high-quality information needed to create schedules that align staffing requirements with budget, skills, and demand.


An integrated payroll engine that simplifies your entire payroll process while ensuring accuracy and providing in-depth reporting options.

Payroll Services

Complete, end-to-end solutions for tax filing, garnishment processing, and distribution of checks and payroll documentation.

Data Collection

Capture accurate labor data with automatic collection options that include the time clocks, web entry, telephony, and mobile apps.

Mobile Ready

Provides managers and employees alike with instant mobile access to your human capital management solution to help them be productive wherever they are.

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Tens of thousands of organizations — including half of the Fortune 1000® — and more than 40 million people use our software solution every day.